Can I find out how dirty my diesel is before deciding whether to have the fuel and tank cleaned?


Inspection of your boat’s fuel pre-filter will give an immediate indication but we can take a sample from your fuel tank  and provide an on-site analysis or for a full and detailed laboratory analysis on water content, diesel bug, and other contaminants that are found to be present in the fuel sample. The ISO4406/2000 particulate standard for diesel fuel is currently 18/16/3, however by the time the diesel reaches your engine and has met other contaminants along the way your fuel will almost certainly not be anywhere close to this standard, in fact most modern marine engines with common rail injection systems require a diesel particulate maximum of 12/9/6. our equipment will ensure the quality of your fuel exceeds this standard.


        If I have the fuel cleaned how can I be sure it is adequately done?


The object of fuel polishing is to remove any particles and also water present in the fuel tank.  ClearlyNo1 uses the best and most powerful industrial equipment that can remove particles greater than 1 micron and reduce the water content below 100ppm (parts per million).  This is an outstandingly high level of cleaning and you will not find any other business serving the marine industry able to offer better. We will also carry out on site testing on your diesel fuel before, during and after cleaning. We will also condition your diesel using additives which keep diesel bug away, clean your engine and fuel system, injectors etc. This will often increase power and better fuel economy.       


        How much does it cost?


This depends on the size of your fuel tank(s), location of your boat, and the length of time it actually takes to access your fuel tanks, clean the tanks and fuel and how many special filters we need to use in our machinary.  However the answer is likely to be somewhere between £300 - £900 on average.  ClearlyNo1 does not currently charge VAT.

Do you just polish/clean diesel in boats?

No, we can polish/clean any diesel in any tank we can gain access to, agriculture, industry, plant, transport and so on.

I am buying a new boat, can you test the engine condition?

Yes, we can give the engine an external inspection and we can also take an oil sample and send it away to the lab for full analysis of internal components, internal seals, soot content and many other things, please contact us for details. We can also carry out a full analysis of the cooling water system, and diesel fuel/tank contamination. This could save you £££ on making a costly mistake on buying a boat or expensive vehicle. (This service is also Insurance approved and conforms to ISO4406)

I am not sure if I can gain access into my fuel tank.

If you are unsure about your fuel tank, or access to it, please contact ClearlyNo1 and we can discuss this with you. If needed we can often supply and fit inspection hatches to gain access to your tank and carry out the cleaning and polishing. Our standard inspection hatches conform to ISO21487 (insurance approved) regulations for fuel tanks, which many of our competitors hatches don't.