80% of marine diesel engine breakdowns are caused by contaminated diesel or diesel bug

About ClearlyNo1

Unlike most marine fuel polishers our professional industrial filtration equipment cleans your diesel to a much higher standard than the diesel supplied by marinas and other fuel suppliers. We also remove any water and contaminants from your tank.

After we have inspected and removed all of the standing water, debris and sediment from your fuel tank, our mobile industrial filtration rigs will then filter your diesel fuel down to 1 micron and filter water from diesel fuel down to 100ppm (parts per million) or less.

Using our magnetic pre-filters, your diesel is then filtered through cellulose impregnated long fibre polypropylene filters and returned to your tank in perfect condition. 

Particle content of supplied marine diesel is around 125 microns and over 400ppm of water so your diesel will be better than brand new.

We will then use fuel treatment products to condition your diesel and protect it and your tank from bug forming, in turn your engine will run smoothly knowing you have perfectly clean and efficient fuel.

ClearlyNo1 doesn't just serve the Marine sector, we also provide Diesel Fuel Polishing and Diesel Tank Cleaning to Agriculture, Industry, Plant etc.